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The Hpm™ vision calls for us to support the transformation towards a more sustainable society. One of our main goals is to increase production and sales of products made of renewable materials in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Launching ECO+ medicine measure is one of our important contributions for a sustainable world.

In our strategy for a more sustainable society, we have chosen to manufacture our products according to the mass balance system. We do not believe that parallel systems are a solution neither economically nor environmentally. We replace our fossil raw materials with fossil-free raw materials. A third party verifies the renewable content, makes a reconciliation as much as the share of material produced is sold.

• By using existing infrastructure, there are no changes in the value chain compared to a product made from fossil raw material.

• The product has identical product specifications.

• No modifications to production processes.

• Our choice of fossil-free raw material does not compete with the food chain.

• By always using FSC-labeled outer cartons, it is guaranteed that the packaging comes from forests that are FSC labeled and managed responsibly.

• Our products are manufactured in Sweden

When we produce fossil-free products, we use the mass balance principle and are ISCC certified.


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