Hammarplast Medical

Roll-on cuff system

The Hpm roll-on cuff system is a contemporary Esmarch bandage. 

The intended use of Hpm roll-on cuff system is to create and maintain bloodless field in extremities during operations in bloodless field. Our cuff is efficient, quick to use compared to traditional equipment, safe and need no electricity or compressed air. 

You can either use only the roll-on cuffs to empty the extremities of blood, or use them along with our usual cuffs to empty and maintain bloodless field.

The design secures an ideal pressure over the systolic pressure against the extremity within the working range of each cuff and can be sterilized. 

Our roll-on cuffs are made of silicone thus no risk for latex allergy.

Working areas for the cuffs:

  •  Orthopaedic surgery
  •  Vein surgery
  •  Leg and arm surgery
  •  Emergency care

Learn more about a study about roll-on cuffs done by Hans-Joachim Hermanns, MD. Using Hpm roll-on cuffs in varicose vein surgery.

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