Hammarplast Medical

Assembly and packaging

Hpm™ One Solution offers support with the following processes:


  • Automatic and manual assembly in Bredaryd and Tallinn. We assemble in ISO 146441 class 8 clean rooms.


  • Many assemblies require merging by gluing. Most of our materials can be merged with glue. We use both conventional and UV gluing.
  • Ultrasonic welding, merging technology that utilizes the material's own properties.


  • We manufacture, assemble and package according to the customer's wishes before the details are distributed.


  • We offer cleaning of medical device components and products not manufactured in a controlled environment. This is most often necessary to decrease number of particles and bioburden.
    The cleaning process is most often performed in the following steps:
  • Presoaking
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Rinsing
  • Disinfection

We can also offer complete turn-key sterilization of medical devices using the following technology:

  • ETO Ethylene Oxide
  • EBeam steralization
  • Gamma steralization
  • Gasplasma steralization

We now provide pad printing operations in our clean rooms in Sweden and Estonia.

  • Single colour printing
  • Multi color printing
  • Single or 2-component ink

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