Hammarplast Medical

Hammarplast Medical - ett innovativt företag i ständig utveckling.

We have produced medical products for 40 years, which we regard as a proof that we maintain high quality. We are an innovative company that aims to be an industry leader in new technology, for example operating the latest machines. We also cooperate closely with research, so that we are always at the forefront of development. We boost our customers’ profitability with innovative solutions. Quality and being environmental friendly are important to us. We have a well-developed quality system,and all our products are made of recyclable plastic.

Hammarplast Medical specializes in automatic production of plastic products in large batches. The company uses three different production techniques; blow moulding, injection moulding and injection blow moulding. We have for more than 20 years produced and assembled medical plastic parts in clean room environment.

We operate in 3 business areas; Consumables, Customized an TransCutan.

Hammarplast Medical is the legal manufacturer of proprietary CE-marked products divided into four product groups ,

Medicine dispensing – Disposable products for medicine dispensing such as medicine measures, trays, crushers, splitters etc.

ENT (Ear/Nose/Throat) – Disposable products within Ear/Nose/Throat such as ear speculums for otoscope.

Dental- disposable products within dental.

Cuffs – products for creating and maintaining bloodless field in upper/lower extremities such as disposable, autoclavable and roll-on cuffs.

We are a partner in development and clean room production of precision polymer products within Life Science.

Focus areas:

  • Multiple manufacturing technologies
  • Design for production/assembly
  • Advanced assembly

We are a partner in development and clean room production of precision polymer products within Life Science.

 Important milestones in our company history.

• In 1998 Hammarplast was acquired from Hackman Oy Group and the group was streamlined into two business areas: Medical and Consumer.  

• In 2011 Hammarplast Consumer AB was sold to the Finnish company Orthex Group. The Hammarplast Group retained a minority interest and was further streamlined to fully focus on Medical.

• Hammarplast Medical now concentrates on growing organically and through acquisition within three business areas; Consumables, Customized and TransCutan.

By acquiring Inmedic AB we became one of the major players in Sweden in customized clean room production to the Medical Device sector.

Consumables :
Through the acquisition of both Finnish and Danish competitors, we have created a leading position in Europe in products for medicine distribution.
Cuffs:  We have grown to be a dominant actor in orthopedics specializing in bloodless field by  purchasing Scandinavian Medical Systems.

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